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Discover Our Range of Services at Sacred Official

Embark on a transformative journey with Sacred Official's diverse services. Whether it's spiritual life mentoring, yoga, breathwork & meditation, mindfulness coaching, holistic counseling, or sound therapy/healing, discover tailored sessions suited to your needs. Our offerings cater to all levels, from couples sound healing to mental health counseling and corporate wellness.


No matter where you are in your wellness journey, count on our support as we guide you toward a balanced, mindful lifestyle.

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Spiritual Life Mentoring (60min)

Explore personalized spiritual coaching for a transformative journey toward your life's purpose. This coaching focuses on enhancing spiritual well-being, guiding self-discovery, growth, and inner connection. Our coaches help align actions with spiritual aspirations, delving into values and life purpose.


Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation (60min)

Experience tailored one-on-one sessions incorporating yoga, breathwork, and meditation. Elevate well-being with a 60-minute practice designed for your specific needs.

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Corporate Wellness

Enhance the well-being of your team with personalized corporate wellness sessions that integrate yoga, sound therapy, mindfulness, and meditation. Choose the convenience of our studio sessions or the flexibility of our personalized options at your workplace.

Mindfulness Coaching (60min)

Nurture mindfulness through personalized 45 to 60-minute sessions. Elevate awareness, navigate life's challenges, and discover tranquility in the present moment. Mindfulness coaching fosters the ability to concentrate, manage emotions, and broaden awareness for a more centered and balanced life.

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Private Group – Sound Healing:

Curate a harmonious group experience with private Sound Healing sessions, adaptable for diverse occasions. Choose the convenience of our team coming to you, or immerse in the serene ambiance of our studio.

Kids Yoga & Sound Therapy

Cultivate well-being in young minds through joyful sessions of Kids Yoga & Sound Therapy designed for physical and mental health. We extend our services to early learning centers and schools for a holistic wellness experience.


Holistic Counselling (60min)

Holistic Counseling addresses mind, body, spirit, and emotions for optimal health. It explores root causes, aiming for transformative changes in behaviors and routines. Emphasizing interconnected life aspects, it promotes true healing, growth, and enduring well-being.

Public Speaking:

Invite Priesh Devji, a speaker trained by monks, to infuse your event with a unique and impactful perspective. His insights, cultivated through monk training, offer a captivating and enlightening experience for your audience, adding depth and resonance to your event.

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Sound Therapy & Healing (60min)

Indulge in ancient Tibetan sound therapy sessions using singing bowls for 60 to 90 minutes. Experience vibrational healing, align body, mind, and spirit, fostering balance and a profound connection. Integrated with meditation, yoga, and energy work, this tradition enhances healing properties.


Couples Sound Healing (60min)

Couples' sound healing intertwines therapeutic sounds to deepen relationships, fostering shared intimacy, stress relief, enhanced communication, mindfulness, balance and alignment, tailored experiences, therapeutic bonding, tension release, and promoting intimacy and growth.


Mental Health Counselling (60min)

Mental health counselling offers professional support and guidance to individuals navigating emotional, psychological, or interpersonal challenges. Our skilled professionals assist clients in understanding their thoughts and emotions. Through this process, clients develop coping strategies and work toward enhancing their mental well-being.


Yoga for Athletes

Opt for personalized 1-1 sessions or enlist one of our expert instructors to elevate your athletic center or bring your team to our studio for our specialized program: YOGA FOR ATHLETES. Enhance athletic performance, prevent injuries, and boost flexibility through yoga. Discover effective cross-training methods to amplify strength in your sport.

Our Clients


Our Partners In Community


Collaborating with Down Syndrome, we've introduced a unique and inclusive Yoga and Sound Therapy Class, aiming to provide a holistic and supportive experience for all participants.


At Marnageroo Child Centre, we're dedicated to fostering a nurturing environment through engaging sessions in kids' yoga, mindfulness, and sound therapy.


At Lake Joondalup Baptist College, Priesh engaged students with an enlightening talk on the roots of yoga and Hinduism. His discussion provided insights into the rich heritage and spiritual foundations of yoga, offering a deeper understanding of its origins and significance within Hinduism.


WA Dental has introduced personalized corporate yoga classes, providing their employees with exclusive sessions focused on mindfulness and well-being. These private classes are designed to create a tranquil space within the corporate setting, nurturing mental clarity, relaxation, and overall holistic wellness among team members.



Tatum Johnston

2 months ago
I have had the honour of attending this Beautiful Studio for quite a number of years.
Sacred official Yoga teachers are so knowledgable & authentic.
The Atmosphere is always so calming yet uplifting.
I am so Grateful I have been given an oppurtunity to be a part of these Yoga practises.
Yoga has Certainly lowered stress & over all well being has improved.
I highly recommend Sacred official to Anyone of any Age, background
Beginner or Advanced level💗

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