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Meditation in Ellenbrook

Empowering Wellness
Through Yoga

At Sacred Official, our mission is to empower individuals to achieve holistic wellness through the practice of yoga.


Our certified instructors bring years of experience and expertise to every class, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment for your practice. We're dedicated to guiding you on a transformative journey, helping you cultivate physical strength, mental clarity, and spiritual harmony.

Discover the Remarkable Health Benefits of Yoga

Improved Flexibility

Yoga poses and stretches increase your flexibility by lengthening and elongating muscles, making your body more limber over time.

Enhanced Posture

Regular yoga practice helps you become more aware of your body's alignment, leading to improved posture and reduced risk of back and neck pain.

Stress Reduction

Yoga incorporates relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation, which can reduce stress, calm the mind, and promote mental well-being.

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Spiritual Growth

For those seeking a deeper connection, yoga can provide a path to spiritual exploration and self-realization.

Our Most Popular Classes


Yin Yoga

Yin yoga, a meditative practice, unfolds entirely on the floor with three to five-minute passive stretches. Enhancing flexibility and calming the nervous system, it's a sanctuary for reconnecting with your body and mind. Suitable for all levels, it blends breathwork, postures, and mindfulness, emphasizing slow-paced seated poses. Targeting ligaments, tendons, and fascia, Yin yoga offers a tranquil escape from life's hustle.

Class Schedule

Thursday - 7:30 PM

Yoga For Beginners

Beginners Yoga

For those new to yoga, beginning with a beginner-friendly practice offers a gentle introduction to foundational postures, making it an excellent way to ease into this ancient mind-body practice. This approach includes gentle stretches, breathing exercises, mindfulness, and relaxing meditations—a perfect choice for beginners to grasp the fundamentals.

Class Schedule

Tuesday - 9:30 AM, 6.00 PM Saturday - 9.30 AM

Yoga in Ellenbrook

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is a dynamic and flow style of yoga—it harmonizes breath with movement. Characterized by seamlessly transitioning poses, it creates a continuous flow fostering heat, flexibility, and strength. With a focus on breath, Vinyasa encourages mindfulness and movement, contributing to a sense of meditation in motion. Recommended for those with good mobility and yoga experience, this physically challenging, faster-paced class enhances balance, strength, flexibility, and mind/body connection.

Class Schedule

Saturday - 8:15 AM

Hatha Yoga Flow

Hatha Slow Flow

Hatha Slow Flow combines Hatha with a gentle pace, ideal for a relaxed and mindful yoga experience. Synchronized movements with breath, conscious breathing, and extended holds in classic poses promote strength, flexibility, and relaxation. Emphasizing on alignment and offering a detailed exploration, this class incorporates meditative elements for inner stillness. Despite the slow pace, a gentle flow between poses creates a harmonious practice. Concluding with a soothing cool-down and final relaxation, it's perfect for those seeking yoga's benefits without intense speed. Challenging yet beginner-friendly, it builds strength, stamina, flexibility and discipline through mindful movement, breathwork, and meditatice mindfulness practices.

Class Schedule

Monday - 7:30 PM

Wednesday - 6.00 PM

Thursday - 9.30 AM

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Joshua Ellard

Sacred Official is just awesome! Their yoga and meditation sessions are next level. Whether it's yoga classes, sound meditation, or the sunset beach yoga, they nail it every time. They have this wisdom that's really inspiring and a vibe that's all about positivity and growth which resonates with me a-lot. Super grateful for their guidance -highly recommend checking out their sessions.

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