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First Class Free

Experience the tranquility and rejuvenation of yoga with your first class free! Exclusively for new students, join us and explore our serene studio and expert guidance at no cost.

Chair Yoga for Seniors ~ $15

Join our Chair Yoga classes tailored for seniors, offering gentle movements and deep relaxation to enhance flexibility and peace of mind.

Pricing Plans Tailored for You

Discover personalised pricing for your yoga journey. Choose from plans offering casual classes, packages at a special rate or indulge in unlimited weekly and monthly classes. Experience transformation with us towards a healthier, balanced life.

Casual Class ~ $22

Ideal for casual attendees, this pass offers access to a single yoga class. Valid for a convenient 2 weeks from the date of purchase.

5 Class Pass ~ $95

With our 5-class yoga pass, you have the freedom to try out various classes that suit your taste and schedule over a span of 6 weeks. Allowing you to experience a variety of sessions to enhance your well-being.

10 Class Pass ~ $170

Enjoy a discounted rate for 10 yoga classes with this pass, which grants you the flexibility to attend and explore different classes within a 12-week duration, providing ample opportunities to enhance your practice.

Beginner Yoga Course (6 Weeks) ~ $135

Discover the essence of yoga in our 6-week Beginner Yoga Course. Delve into foundational postures, breathing techniques, and mindfulness practices, fostering wellness and self-discovery. Join us for this transformative journey.

Yoga - 1 Week Unlimited ~ $50

Experience boundless opportunities with unlimited classes for 7 days. Your pass activates from the date of your initial class, providing a week of unrestricted access.

Yoga - 1 Month Unlimited ~ $150

Indulge in limitless possibilities with unlimited classes for an entire month. Your pass kicks in from the date of your first class, offering a month of unrestricted access.

Kids/Teens - Casual Pass ~ $14

Explore the wonders of movement and mindfulness with our Kids/Teens Casual Yoga Pass, valid for 2 weeks. Embrace flexibility, joy, and well-being on their unique yoga journey.

Kid + Parent - Casual Pass ~ $28

Discover the joy of wellness and bonding with your little one with our casual yoga pass tailored for both kid and parent. Pass valid for 2 weeks.

Kids / Teens x2 - Casual Pass ~ $26

Our Kids/Teens Yoga Pass offers double the enjoyment, allowing two children or teens to participate in yoga sessions designed just for them.

Kids/Teens - 5 Class Pass ~ $65

Unlock a world of well-being for your child or teen with our 5-Class Yoga Pass, valid for 6 weeks. Immerse them in a journey of mindfulness, movement, and joy, fostering a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Concession - Casual Class ~ $18 

Exclusive to students, pensioners, and health-care cardholders, this pass grants access to a single yoga class for 2 weeks. Kindly present your concession card at your first class for validation.

Concession - 5 Class Pass ~ $80

Discounted 10-class concession pass for students, pensioners, and health-care cardholders. Attend any class within 12 weeks. Please present your concession card at your first class.

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